Michelle McCaslin, APRN, FNP-C

Heartland Functional Medicine

Commited to helping women and men achieve optimal health.

Michelle McCaslin earned her Bachelor of Science in nursing from Clarkson College in Omaha, Nebraska. Following graduation, she provided nursing care at Lakeside Alegent hospital in a variety of areas: medical/surgical care, post-intensive care, and telemetry. Later she worked for Dr. William Ingram at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, while pursuing her Master's degree in nursing at Clarkson.

Dr. Ingram is a board certified ENT (ear, nose, and throat) physician, a head and neck surgeon, as well as the current president of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. Under his guidance, Michelle began to experience and learn about the importance of environmental influences on health and nutrition and diet as an adjunct/alternative to prescriptions in the practice of medicine.

In 2009, Michelle began work with Dr. Patricia Ryan, the founder of Alternatives: A Center for Conscious Health. Michelle worked for Dr. Ryan first as a nurse, and then subsequently as a nurse practitioner seeing her own patients. In February 2015, Dr. Ryan took a sabbatical from Alternatives, and Michelle was appointed Medical Director. As medical director she managed medical care for the practice throughout the rebranding of Alternatives to become Whole Health Omaha in May 2015.

Michelle has "walked the talk" of proper nutrition and functional medicine, and has personally benefited by keeping eczema and asthma at bay without the use of inhalers or medication such as steroids that she was previously inundated with most of her life. Functional Medicine is similar to Environmental and Holistic approaches. The newly opened and fully booked Center for Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic is a great example of the effectiveness and demand for this comprehensive approach to medicine. Learn more about Functional Medicine.

As of September 2015, Michelle McCaslin has now joined the practice of Dr. Kristi Peterson as a nurse practitioner seeing her own patients within Heartland Functional Medicine. Michelle continues to follow her passion helping both women and men achieve optimal health by educating and supporting them with proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, and prescriptions when needed.

Michelle McCaslin can help women and men with a variety of symptoms/diagnoses, including but not limited to:

Recommended therapies include:

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